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  • How do you start talking about making a film?
    In context of commercial, advertising and brand films: Everyone has a story to tell, a philosophy to convey, and by doing this you stand out from the crowd. You describe to us what your needs are; to represent your image or company, to show off your work, to show what you do. We will then think of the best way to express and present it visually, decide what form your film should take and make a plan for the realization of the idea with you.
  • How much does the production of the film cost?
    What’s your budget? Movies can be made on different budgets, 1,000 GBP, 10,000 GBP, 100,000 GBP, some advertising films or music videos have budgets larger than feature films. The costs are up to you and the quality of the film grows with the budget. It would be easier for everyone if we had a “film for 1,000 GBP - add to cart” button, but a film is a complex and individual product whose production price depends on many variables. First we need to listen to you, what you need, how you need, when you need, why you need, then we can propose an initial budget which we believe will allow us to meet all requirements.
  • What equipment do you use?
    The equipment is selected according to the project and budget. We have our own film equipment recording in 4K 10bit 4:2:2, yet we often rent cinema equipment from rental houses (if the budget allows) to bring the highest possible image and sound quality.
  • I have a script for a movie, can you help?
    We love narrative projects. If you have a script for a short film, we can get talk and see if we can assist in it’s production. If you have a script for a feature-length film the producer will be happy to read it and decide if it is something investors might like.
  • I need just a DP/Producer/Editor.
    Sure thing. Our experience and skills allow us to take care of all stages of film production, but naturally we can handle just one of it’s elements. magomundi films regularly edits television productions, Christoph has been employed for years as a supervising producer for many series and films, Olivier travels all over Europe on cinematography and photography assignments.
  • Olivier and Christoph look kinda alike, and the surname is the same...
    The company is family owned. Christoph has been working in the film and television industry for many years, ever since he graduated Directing at the Łódź Film School. Olivier joined the company after graduating from university in London and a film academy in Krakow.
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